Wireless CCTV Tower

Wireless CCTV Security solutions for vacant sites

The Wireless CCTV Tower is an all-in-one surveillance solution specifically designed to meet the challenges of securing remote or vulnerable sites. The tower is a large, robust, mobile mast equipped with sophisticated cameras. The system contains 4G mobile phone technology to allow the transmission of video alarms. It also includes a heavy duty infrared 360 degree pan tilt and 36x zoom camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruder and audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur.

Choosing the right solution for you - Wireless CCTV Tower

The cameras operate with very little light, and can see colour in the dark. This provides evidential quality images which can be transmitted directly to the Police via ‘Live-View’. The Tower also includes motion detectors and can be used in conjunction with external heat detectors. The maximum height of the tower is 8.5 meters and is movable with a fork-lift truck or with a crane.

Wireless CCTV Tower - The benefits :

  • Cost effective security
  • Permanent 24 hour security
  • Connected to a PAC emergency room with Live View - evidence quality video
  • 2 fixed night cameras and 1 Active 360 degree night camera with smart tracking
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Additional units can be easily synchronised to give greater coverage

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