Are you or your loved ones availing of Fair Deal?

Our approved Guardians will protect your vacant home at zero cost to you.

  • Retain full ownership of your home
  • Enjoy complete reassurance
  • Proven across Europe

A fairer deal for home owners who need residential care

The Fair Deal scheme supports people who need long-term residential care.
 But it can cause concern if it means your own home is left vacant and open to vandalism or squatting.

Camelot Europe offers an innovative zero-cost solution. We place responsible Guardians to ensure your house doesn’t suffer from vandalism, deterioration or squatting. The Guardians get to live in a high quality property that they may not have been able to afford otherwise, and you enjoy complete reassurance whilst always retaining full ownership.
The Camelot Guardian solution offers home owners a fairer deal, and it is a concept that thousands of people across Europe have benefited from for over 25 years.

What Fair Deal offers

Under Fair Deal, the person being cared for pays 80% of their income towards their care. For the first three years, they also pay 7.5% of the value of assets such as their residence. However, this second payment can be deferred until after they pass away, then paid for by their estate.

So under Fair Deal, it makes sense to hold onto an asset rather than sell it or rent it out.

However this means a home can be left vacant for a long time – and that’s when it makes sense to have it protected by Camelot Europe’s Guardians.

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