Guardian FAQs:

This Guardian FAQs will answer most of your questions. If anything else is left unanswered, give us a call for further information.

If you are over the age of 18, have no criminal record and proof of income and can provide an employer and character reference please apply today and we will invite you in for an initial interview or a property viewing.

How do I become a Guardian?

If you fulfill the vetting criteria please fill in the Guardian application form for the property/ies of your choice. If your application has been successful one of our team will contact you for an initial meeting either at our office or on site

What are the costs involved?

When you choose to become a Guardian, you do not pay rent you pay a monthly license fee. These fees often include all utility bills. The costs are on average 30-50% lower than local market rent. In Ireland fees vary from €25 - €100 a week depending on the room size and the location.

In addition we ask all Guardians to pay a fully refundable deposit of €400 for Dublin properties and €300 for properties outside Dublin. Guardians are also required to purchase a fire pack and pay an admin fee before moving into a property. Due to each property being different, you will be informed of these fees when invited to a viewing. 

Will Camelot accept a guarantor for Guardian's rent payments?

As long as the Guardian is either employed or self-employed and their rent is paid on time each month there is no problem with having a guarantor making these payments on a Guardian's behalf.

What are my responsibilities as a property guardian?

Camelot expect Guardians to protect and maintain the property owners building by living there full time and taking care of the shared living space, the site and surrounding areas. If there are any maintenance issues such as leaks or broken windows we expect Guardians to report these to our team. If there are security issues, strangers on the grounds, or attempted break-ins we expect Guardians to contact Camelot via our 24/7 emergency line and the local police. We do not expect guardians to act as a security guard or any security functions other than occupying the property.

Can I share my room with my partner?

Yes. If you would like to request to live in the same property as your friend, partner or spouse, Camelot recommend that you make this clear during the initial online application process.

Each Guardian is designated their own room.  You will be required to pay individual deposits. However, if you are living as a couple in one room you will only need to pay 1.5 the cost of the weekly license fee.

Are the rooms unfurnished?

Yes all rooms come unfurnished

How long will I be able to live in the property?

We manage properties for varying lengths of time ranging from 13 weeks to 5 years. On average we manage a property for 6 months and will always endeavor to offer alternative accommodation at the point of hand back.

Can I decorate the property?

On most occasions yes, but each property is different and you will need written permission before starting work.

What is the notice period?

Camelot Europe require Guardians to provide 4 weeks’ written notice. We will provide a minimum of 4 weeks written notice to Guardians If the property is being handed back to the owner​.

If there is anything that isn't in the Guardian FAQs, please call us for further information.