Irish Guardians fly Camelot to London | Our Camelot Community

A recent trip from Ireland saw Camelot’s Country Manager flown to London by not just one, but two of our Guardians. Both Eoin's outbound and return flight was piloted by Camelot Guardians in an exciting coincidence...

European travel

Our Country Manager for Camelot Ireland recently took a trip to meet his European counterparts in London last week. Whilst travelling with one of our frequented airlines, the Captain introduced himself the plane departed. As someone who knows most of his Guardians personally, Eoin remembered that not only did one of his Guardians hold the same name as this pilot, but that he also held the same position.

Low and behold, this was the same Guardian.

Then in another weird coincidence, his return flight the following day was piloted by another of our Camelot Guardians.

Easy living

The guardianship model works perfectly for these two Pilots, as the flexibility and low cost of securing a vacant property allows for temporary accommodation when traveling with their jobs.

We also find this solution is suitable for those on shift patterns and short term contracts, such as building work for long projects.

Eoin says “in a bizarre set of coincidences, both Guardians were at the helm of my flights individually. I am not totally comfortable with flying but it did help that day knowing that I was familiar with both men. They are both really nice guys and very dedicated to their work.

The landing in London City airport is a tricky one and can only be done by Captains, so when Captain O Neill was taking us down it was a very encouraging feeling”.

If you’re interested in becoming a Guardian, take a look at our available properties