Camelot in the Press: Leitrim Observer

Camelot offer alternative to renting

Leitrim Observer reports:

Camelot Property Management offer a unique alternative to renting and with fees starting from €125 per month in a variety of locations across Ireland, this is a great opportunity for those looking for a low cost home.

In 2006, Camelot was the first company in Ireland to introduce protection by occupation: The Property Guardian Solution. Protecting properties through occupation not only prevents crime and the anti social behaviour associated with vacant property but also provides an affordable housing solution with fees ranging from €30 - €70 per week, often including bills.

John Smith, Property Guardian since 2010 lives for €200 per month, “After I moved in I couldn’t believe how close I was to town. I decorated my space to make it more comfy and to my liking. If I wanted the same amount of space anywhere else in the city I would have to spend at least €700 per month”.

Camelot will accommodate those over the age of 18 who have proof of a regular income and no criminal record. Each property that Camelot protects is wind proof and water tight, with functioning water and electricity. The monthly Camelot fee is on average 40% lower than market rental values with large spaces in unique properties available.

Currently, Camelot currently manages a two-bed apartment in Carrick-On-Shannon. It’s a unique way of living, and can be a great way for people to live cheaply and also helps to save money.