Minimise Risk, Maximise Return


2011 has seen yet more decline in the Irish economy. We are seeing a rise in the level of vacant buildings around the country, we are seeing a rise in the number of empty buildings that will never see occupancy again, but we are also seeing a rise in the need for a genuine long-term, cost-effective solution to vacant property.

Camelot Property Management, established in Ireland since 2007, are the only company to offer the unique Live-in Guardian solution.

We have become the market leader through innovation and a constant desire to creating positive reactions to negative forces in the market place. Our live-in Guardian solution is a perfect example of how we have developed and improved upon the traditional ideas of security and created a service which not only benefits you but also benefits the wider social area.

Our research shows us that where the Live-in Guardian solution has been implemented, there has been a marked reduction in the levels of:

  • Anti-Social behavior
  • Vandalism
  • Incidents linked to the property reported to An Garda Siochana

Through our strategic partnership with Chartis Ireland, we can now also offer a complete insurance solution to meet your needs in Ireland and in the UK.

Our unique brand is finding new uses and customers everyday through our innovative business model and proven return on investment. We pride ourselves on minimising risk and maximising returns.

If you own or manage vacant property and would like to discuss in-depth your requirements please contact Jeff McCann on 020 7566 6541 or and take advantage of our free consultation where we will conduct a site survey and assess your current security solution.