Ghost Estates facing threat of Squatting

Empty properties pose all manner of problems. Security, insurance, maintenance and disposal all present a unique set of challenges to owners of empty and vacant buildings. As individual problems they can be costly and time consuming to address, however, when these problems have to be addressed together and quickly, the problems can suddenly become very complex and expensive.

This October, the story of William Tuohy hit the press. He has been squatting in this NAMA, tax-payer owned property and in what could be a landmark ruling, the Judge has decided (based on the evidence presented) to rule in favour of the defendant and allow him to stay legally in this property.

This example highlights the need for an effective and comprehensive property management solution to be implemented. Tuohy's claim that the property was unlocked on entry emphasises the need not only for security to be in place but also to ensure that your insurance cover does not become void. 

Camelot Property Management are the only company in Ireland to offer protection by occupation using the 'Live-In Guardian Solution'.

Protecting properties through occupation prevents crime, arson and the anti-social behaviour associated with vacancy.  Furthermore, housing Guardians prevents buildings falling into states of disrepair. Our Guardians can notify us of any problems immediately and we can carry out reactive and preventative maintenance when required by the client. Camelot can mange all aspects of the building leaving you time and flexibility to focus on your core business and the opportunity to make huge savings.

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