It's a Jungle Out There

Camelot joins forces with Elephant Family for charity event of the year 

As well as Camelot's core business as a guardian security company, we offer further opportunities to our clients through our Make Space Pay initiative. This is a service whereby we assess a building to decide how we can best generate an income stream for the property owner, making use of the time the property is empty.

At the request of Elephant Family, a charity dedicated to the preservation of the endangered Asian Elephant, Camelot managed to find a large warehouse space to accommodate the painting of 150 life size sculptures for their 'Jungle City' fund raiser exhibition this year.

With the permission of the landlord the charity has been able to create a very successful campaign highlighting the plight of endangered species. The animals, destined to become highly collectable works of art, will inhabit The Royal Botanic Gardens from August before taking to the streets of Edinburgh aiming to raise over £1million for the survival of these endangered species. 

Live-In Guardian, Amy Rhian has designed and is in the process of painting the Camelot Tiger which will join the other animals in Edinburgh later this year. The exhibition will see Scotland's capital become obsessed with finding every last creature - elephants, tigers, orangutans, crocodiles and hornbills - with open-top safari jeeps on hand to help tourists and residents spot the wildlife.

As well as the benefits of this event to the Charity, there have also been numerous benefits for the client as a result of this project:

  • Providing work space for the charity meant the property owner reduced their empty property rates payable by 80%.
  • The client received PR worth £20,000 for supporting the charity and were recognised for their community focus, also fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Local and national artists were involved in the project bringing a sense of community and well being to the area.

To find out more about 'Jungle City' please go to or if you would like to find out how Make Space Pay can make use of your vacant property please contact Rosemarie Hammond, or alternatively visit our website,


The animals are coming - watch this video to see elephants, crocodiles, tigers, orangutans and exotic birds being brought to life: Introducing Jungle City