Camelot Property Management launch Make Space Pay initiative

The Make Space Pay initiative offers  the opportunity to generate an income stream from your empty buildings. This is an innovative, professional  service creatively makes use of vacant space in a way that is designed to suit a client's individual requirements. We have in house expertise enabling us to  assess your property to  maximise the best  possible revenue returns and to manage every aspect of generating that income.

Using our extensive experience in the world of filming, photo shoots, parking space usage, external advertising, events,  as well as a variety of other options most suited to your particular property, we will manage each individual project from inception to completion with the minimum disruption to your organization.

In consultation with Camelot's Make Space Pay Manager, Rosemarie Hammond, you can indicate which particular rooms you would like to make available for income generation. She will then advise on the implementation of short-term projects designing a service that meets the specific requirements of your company in a way that will turn your empty property into an income generating asset rather than a drain on resources.

There is no initial set up fee to your organization if you choose to utilise Make Space Pay to generate extra income.  Camelot fees will be deducted from the revenue made from each project. In this way there is no financial outlay or risk to you.

Rosemarie will be happy to discuss any aspect of the scheme with you if you are interested or if you have any queries and can be contacted  on 0207 5666 518