Vacant Property Owners Targeted by Metal Thieves

Costing millions each year!

The demand for valuable metals, the economic climate and a weak regulatory framework surrounding recycling effectively has meant metal theft is at an all time high. Metal theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country with property owners at particular threat during periods of vacancy. Cables, plumbing, generators and roofing are all at risk of being stolen making vacant residential and commercial property a prime target.

Prior to Camelot's management, a large scale decant project had been subject to numerous break-ins where copper pipes had been stolen. This caused the district heating system to fail which lead to thousands of pounds worth of flood damage occurring.

John Mills, COO, Camelot Property states: "Metal theft is on the rise, costs are at an all time high and with so many properties lying dormant it is getting easier to steal.

The Live-in Guardian solution works on many levels, securing a property from threats such as squatting and dilapidation but also deterring vandals and thieves targeting these properties for copper, lead and other metals".

Securing your building through occupation means a property is protected efficiently. It also means that there are people on site who will not only deter criminals  but if metal is stolen it can instantly be reported to Camelot's 24hour emergency helpline reducing further risk.

For more information on how Camelot can successfully secure your property from metal theft please call or email on 020 7566 6500 or The Camelot solution can be in place within 48hours!