Property Guardians Responsibilities - Guardians are expected to look after the property responsibly as if it were their own. Their main role is to ensure there are no security breaches and that the property is well maintained prior to its ultimate use, immediately reporting issues as they arise.

Property Guardian Responsibilities

  • Report security breaches or issues
  • Report remedial maintenance issues
  • Report reactive maintenance issues
  • Keep room & property clean and tidy
  • No parties
  • Adhere to the Fire, Health and Safety instructions
  • Adhere to Guardian Guidelines specified in License Contract

Property Inspections & Building Management

Our PSA licensed Property Inspectors visit your premises at least once a month in order to check that security measures are functioning, Camelot Property Guardians are abiding to the guidelines set out within their license and the value of your asset is being maintained.


Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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