Total Property Security & Management

Out Reliable Legal Structure is the main condition for guaranteeing the flexibility of the Property Guardian concept, between the Property Owner, Camelot and the Property Guardian. The proxies and license are updated continuously by lawyers specialising in housing law. If you wish, we can give you detailed information about the legal aspects of the solution in writing or in person by our own specialist lawyer. 

Reliable Legal Structure - from the outset

When Camelot Europe was established in 1993, we were the first provider to offer a legal foundation to owners of vacant property for 'anti-squatting' which at the time was still a relatively unknown concept. This reliable structure gives both Guardians and owners peace of mind about the usage status of the property and the ownership rights. The legal validity of this structure has been tested in summary proceedings several times in recent years. In all the cases, the court ruled the validity of the Property Guardian solution and that squatting in a property under temporary occupation by Camelot is a trespass.

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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