Our mission:

To be the leading vacant property specialist in Europe

Our vision:

We support you throughout the Property Life Cycle with innovative and high quality staff, products and services


Being THE One-Stop-Shop real estate full-service provider & real estate developer. Offering risk management services, revenue increasing solutions and property management services during the life-time of a real estate project or portfolio from void to full exploitation.

Minimizing risks and optimizing revenue

We strive to be the most professional and innovative specialist regarding managing and developing your vacancy portfolio. Our aim is to utilize our knowledge and experience to help you to temporarily or permanently transform your property to living and/or working spaces to minimalize your risks and optimize your revenue.

Corporate social responsibility

Camelot sees corporate social responsibility as an essential part of the organization. We take ownership for the welfare of the environment in which we offer our services. Through corporate social responsibility we shape a healthier and safer environment for our employees, customers, guardians and stakeholders.

The 3 P’s

The work activities of Camelot Europe can have a great impact on the environment. Since our business model increases the life cycle of an existing property. Where it is possible Camelot Europe takes measurement to stop spillage, energy use and environment contamination. We think that property management should be environmental friendly. Using the 3 P's we want to maintain our quality standards.


We make sure our employees and Guardians are aware of their acts. How do we save energy, how can we re use materials, in what way can we operate the most cleverly? We do this by sharing knowledge and listen to everybody. Good proposals are rewarded.


We want to leave our beautiful planet a little bit prettier than how we first saw it. Improving the local environment by bringing life back to vacant properties, transforming vandalized & derelict areas into socially acceptable spaces.


Fiscal or economic successes are not limited or unattainable by the pursuit of the other two values.. 

Method of Operations:

We are working towards a “Big Data”1 driven, workflow structured, digital marketing company.

1. Camelot’s definition on “Big Data”: by connecting the website and the CRM-software, also called “end to-end-integration”, companies are enabled to periodically decide what marketing campaigns will lead to the highest sales volume. A further technical step is then creating a “real-time” environment to communicate with n-line visitors and offer them tailored solutions (products, services, consultancy).

We encourage staff to adhere to the values of • Entrepreneurship • Flexibility • (Personal) Development • Quality

• Entrepreneurship

Camelot will give staff plenty of opportunity to develop initiatives, that not only contribute to the growth and expansion of the company, but also to their own personal development. Innovation is in our DNA, so we welcome new ideas and opportunities that will enable us to stay competitive

• Flexibility

If you are open to change, you’ve found your place at Camelot. Constantly innovating our products and services requires a flexible hands-on mentality, making your time with us varied, interesting and challenging

• Development

Our goal is that staff enjoy their job every day. We have and will continue to develop tools to increase the job satisfaction and enhance their personal development. Our in-house training programs at The Camelot Academy are one way in which we achieve this. Motivated colleagues are fundamental to our continued success, so we’re committed to giving our people the opportunity to be the best they can be.

• Quality

To remain competitive and maintain our market position, it is highly important that the quality of our products and services is guaranteed. On a daily basis we work on improving and optimizing our(digital) work processes, not only to improve client satisfaction but also lower administrative workload for our employees

Camelot is committed to comply with and exceed the requirements of legal and regulatory and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

All the below listed interested parties are relevant to the quality management system:

1) Clients

2) Guardians, Tenants, Expats, Start-Up businesses, SME’s

3) Staff / Owner (shareholders)

4) Suppliers

5) Neighbours

6) Emergency Services

7) Government / Political Parties / legislation

8) Vacant Security Industry / Consumer Protection Institutions / Trade Associations (BSIA, VLBN)

9) Media (Social- and Press)

10) Risk Management Institutions (Insurers, RICS, banks)

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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