With thousands of void/empty properties being vandalised each year, rising metal theft and commercial buildings being even more vulnerable to squatting, ensuring your vacant buildings are effectively protected is vital. Camelot Europe is now offering the most complete and sophisticated alarm system. The VOID Alarm System is entirely capable of operating independently with a long-life battery, and provides instant detection and alerting on a large range of incidents such as intruders, flooding and fire. The range includes three portable self-contained units which are battery operated, and can be used anywhere in your property.

Camelot install and maintain the VOID Alarm System for unoccupied property or vulnerable sites designed to deter criminals, detect break-ins and generate rapid responses. These mobile alarms are easy to install, low cost and effective.

Whether you wish to secure an office building, a house, a school, hospital or a warehouse, our VOID Alarm System offers the most optimum security solutions on the market.

VOID Alarm Systems - The Benefits:

  • Monitors vulnerable buildings and sites
  • Affordable and effective and installed in less than 5 minutes
  • Entirely stand-alone with internal battery packs that self-power for up to 5 years
  • Completely wireless and remotely monitored alarm system
  • Instantly detects intruders, flooding and fire
  • Protects your insurance
  • Starting at €15 per week

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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