Choosing the right solution for you - Wireless CCTV Tower

Camelot Wireless CCTV Tower cameras operate with very little light, and can see colour in the dark. This provides evidential quality images which can be transmitted directly to the Police via ‘Live-View’. The Tower also includes motion detectors and can be used in conjunction with external heat detectors. The maximum height of the tower is 8.5 meters and is movable with a fork-lift truck or with a crane.

CCTV Tower - The benefits :

  • Cost effective security
  • Permanent 24 hour security
  • Connected to a PAC emergency room with Live View - evidence quality video
  • 2 fixed night cameras and 1 Active 360 degree night camera with smart tracking
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Additional units can be easily synchronised to give greater coverage

For optimum security of your building site or industrial estate

Each year, the construction industry suffers in excess of 120 million Euros of direct financial damage due to burglary, theft and vandalism. The lion's share of this concerns theft from building sites.

Intruders and thieves favour building sites where equipment and materials are stored, or sites where cars or trucks are parked, by day or night. Effective security can save you a great deal of time, frustration and money.

Camelot has developed a completely new WatchTower The Camelot Watchtower is a large and robust mobile mast fitted with state-of-the-art cameras. The mast has three active 360 degree (PTZ) night vision cameras with smart tracking, which can continue to track intruders once they have been detected. The cameras require very little light, and can recognise colours even at night. This gives the added advantage of providing a clear picture upon detection, which can be directly reported by the control room to the police via Live-View.

The advantages of the Camelot Watchtower:

The most affordable security per square meter

  • A range of 160 metres
  • A useful App to control your own settings
  • Follow-up within 30 minutes
  • A loudspeaker function to address intruders
  • Smart video therefore no false alarms
  • High-resolution images, therefore
  • Also suitable for monitoring the progress of the construction process
  • Attractively priced

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