Report a Vacant Property

Vacant property - Have you spotted any empty or derelict building in your area? In the current economic climate, there are lots of vacant properties round the country. Some estimates have the vacant residential levels in the region of approximately 230,000 units. These very same properties then become targets for anti social behavior, or the property can become dilapidated and fall into disrepair.

Derelict, empty properties attract squatters and vandalism. Often it can be a blight on the local community. By reporting an empty property, either residential or commercial, we will contact the owner and help them return the property to use. By implementing the Camelot Guardian Service, the property remains in good condition, and the community become aware that the property is occupied, thereby removing any concerns they may have as to what the outcome may be for the property in their locality.

In towns up and down the country, there are more and more Vacant Properties lying idle. A recent report has suggested there are currently 230,000 properties vacant in Ireland at the moment. By implementing the Guardian solution we can work together with communities to covert dilapidated properties into temporary living and workspace prior to its future use. Examples of properties which we have helped our clients with, range from Churches, Schools, Disused factories to apartment blocks, Manor Homes and even a Castle!

If you have come across such properties whilst on your daily journeys, make sure to report them to us. You may get the opportunity to reside in the property at a later date, and have the benefits of living cheaply, allowing you to save money, and live in some very unusual properties. With properties becoming available nationwide, you may get to stay in that Castle after all!

Call Camelot now on 01 6869414 or complete our online form to report anything you may think is suitable for our Service.